Seeds for All

The Problem:
The genetic diversity of the world's food crops is eroding at an unprecedented and alarming rate. The vegetables and fruit currently being lost are the result of thousands of years of adaptation and selection in diverse ecological niches around the world.

On the other hand, controlling seeds means controlling the food of nations! And international corporations are having an increasing share of the seed market worldwide and by selling sterile seeds, farmers will have no choice but to buy seeds for every season, and guess what happens if international corporations decide to limit the supply for next season!

The purpose of this project is to protect and grow heirloom seeds of vegetables & fruit that are endangered by man made changes and modifications. This project will run in partnership with other groups to achieve the best results.

The genetic diversity of the world's food crops is eroding at an unprecedented rate, and seeds are getting controlled by large corporations that "copyright" their seeds by making it infertile, thus we want to:
1. Maintain the seeds in their original form as designed by the Creator.
2. Avoid the political control of seeds by multinational profiteers who manipulate the supply of food as powers of control and subjugation.

It is a basic duty for a Muslim to act as a responsible guardian on earth and for us to help each other in good action, as stated in the Qur’an “and help one another in goodness and piety, and do not help one another in sin and aggression” (Quran 5:2).

By growing fruit and vegetables in our backyards or in containers, thereby:
  • Gaining health benefits of wholesome fresh organic food
  • Economic benefit of meeting the ever increasing cost of living
  • Saving the cycle of food manipulation and control 

Participants will be supplied with heirloom seeds to grow and be provided with free training where needed

You can assist through the following possible ways:
  • Be a member grower
  • Be a trainer
  • Donate money to help meeting the cost