Janaza Service

  • 1/8/2010 WTG prepares new van for Janaza services. See the van below:


The Janaza van in pictures:

The project aims to provide the required services to families in the event of death, thereby relieving some of the stress associated with losing a family member.
This service will be provided to the Muslim community of Auckland. It is free and there is no membership required.

The project will include a free service to families for:
  • Transporting the deceased in a hearse
  • Providing the body-wash facilities, which can be done at home, at mosque or elsewhere
  • Providing someone who can perform the body-wash
  • Providing the shroud (kafan) and accessories
  • Final prayer and burial

Families go through a tough and traumatic time to deal with the death of a family member. This service will provide some relief to the families allowing them the time to grief and spend the last few hours with their departed loved one.

You can assist through the following possible ways:
  • Volunteer your service to drive the hearse. Please email: janaza@wtg.org.nz
  • Donate money to help meet the cost.
  • Join the team to help improve this service as well as serve as a gateway to the funeral needs of your group.