The Food Squad project


The FoodSquad van, providing hot meals for the homeless:

  • 23/12/2010 FoodSquad van repainting is complete! Look out for new photo updates and BBQ event.
  • 10/12/2010 FoodSquad van sent to be repainted.
The FoodSquad van, providing hot meals for the homeless:


  • To provide a hot meal to feed street children who have run into problems with their families.
  • To provide regular hot meals as a gateway to assist children in regaining their place in society.
  • To try and reverse their down spiral for a better life
  • Also to provide a hot meal to the ever growing homeless.

The FoodSquad team will provide this meal using a dedicated FoodSquad vehicle.
This project will run in collaboration with the City Councils and other service providers.

It is our Islamic duty to feed the hungry and play an active role in the wider community.

You can assist through the following possible ways:
  • Donate required items and/o r food (raw or cooked) .
  • Donate money to help meet the ongoing cost.
  • Join the team to help those in n eed of our help.