When there is a breakdown in a Muslim family, children are placed in non-Muslim homes. Placing a child in a foreign environment results in:

  • Clash of their value system
  • A compromise of the child's daily needs
  • A serious compromise of the child's grounding in Islam and character development
We aim to address this problem and develop the safety net needed.

The team of ChildPlacement is working on two solutions simultaneously, they are:
1. Recruiting Muslim families who can take a child on a temporary basis. To get the families registered as caregivers.
2. Working on establishing a dedicated centre that is run by a registered caregiver to look after these children.

You can assist through the following possible ways:

  • Register through the Child Placement team with CYFS as a caregiver
  • Assist financially towards the project
  • Join the team and become part of providig a safety net to our children
  • Encourage others to take part and assist
Final word
This is a collective responsibility that is yet to be fulfilled.